Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dutch Apple Pie with Oatmeal Streusel

I made a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful apple pie yesterday. I knew I wanted to make one for my husband, since it is autumn, and he loves apple pie. So I began searching for a good recipe online, and found one that got good reviews so I decided to try it. We ended up eating at my in-laws house for dinner, so everybody got to eat some. My father in law loves apple pie, so when he said it was delicious, I knew I had really found a winner! I found it on www.allrecipes.com...


I tweaked the recipe in a few ways, I used a homemade lard crust for one, which in my opinion is the only kind of pie crust there is! Second, I didn't freeze it at all, and I didn't use any allspice. And instead of lemon zest, I used lemon juice. But, it... was... goooood.

I am finding myself pouring over wedding photos from our wonderful photographer, and I cannot believe how happy I am with the results. There are hundreds and hundreds of photos, but I am glad she took such an abundance.
I got my dress at New York Bride in Syracuse, NY and I have to admit, I was nervous about how much I paid for it, but after seeing the photos and the reactions it got from our guests, I totally made the right choice. The dress itself is pretty plain and classic, but I think the factor that set it apart is its train. It's huge. I felt just like a princess wearing it. And our photographer must have felt the same way, because she loved the dress so much, she offered to do a Trash the Dress session for me at no charge. We are meeting next week for the shoot.

Spaghetti and meatballs for dinner tonight. . . and then watching the Yankees game.

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