Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday, Monday.

Monday. Dreadful Monday. After a wonderful weekend with Evan, I once again have to give him up to the work force for 9 hours. For the next five days. To top things off, I don't really feel well today, so I am just laying low today. I did however make a quick trip to the grocery store. I don't know why, but I love grocery shopping. It is the only kind of shopping that I do enjoy. Maybe it's because I love food so much. I'm not overweight or anything but I love food. I love cooking and baking and eating.

In other news, I found out a couple weeks ago that I am officially accepted into the Nursing program at a local college. I'm getting excited about starting school again! I've been a little bored at home three days a week, so I am looking forward to having something to do again!
Anyways, I am hunkering down today with a cup of coffee and watching one of my favorite T.V. shows 'The Big Bang Theory."
 Dr. Sheldon Cooper. He's a genius scientist, and kinda crazy.
 Howard Wolowitz, an engineer. A ladies man.
                                                                The cast.
 Dr. Leonard Hofstader, another scientist. But not as crazy as Sheldon.
 Rajesh Koothrapalli. A friend of the other guys.

Do you guys watch 'The Big Bang Theory?' you should...

<3 aub

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