Friday, April 1, 2011

A couple nights ago, I was laying next to Evan and we just started talking about the things we wanted to do this summer, together. Of the two of us, Evan would much rather stay at home and read or watch movies, and I would rather go out. But, after being married for 7 months (whoa) we've hit a pretty good rhythm. Sometimes we stay in, and sometimes we go out. :o) Anyways, here is our list, and I'm sure we will add stuff that we forgot...
- Go swimming at Rushford Lake.

- Hike on the Susquehanna River Trail.
- Go for bike rides. On our new bikes.

- Go to Darien Lake. And ride the Superman so many times we throw up.

- Go to Sea Breeze. (I've never been there!)

- Go see a Philharmonic Concert. (This one was definitely my idea.)

- Go to the zoo.

- Go to NYC and see a Yankees game.

- Go to the Drive-In a bunch of times.

- Go see as much live music as we can.
- Shoot our new rifle. Only at targets I swear.

That's our list for now... I think it should keep us pretty busy.

Have a wonderful Friday, and weekend!

<3 Aub


  1. I like this list!
    my hubby & I made lots of outside/hiking/camping goals this summer.
    and lots of concerts :)

    summer is great!
    congrats on 7 months of married life!
    that's awesome :)


  2. thanks elisabeth! we love hiking too!
    and thanks for the congratulations. :)