Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tis' Thursday Again.

Awkward & Awesome Thursday, baby!

- Going back to see your high school after 3 years, and pretty much not recognizing anybody.
- Last night, I fell asleep with a tissue (clean) in my hand and when I woke up I couldn't find it.
- How much money it costs to go to a private school. Ugh.
- Cleaning out a closet yesterday, and finding pictures of Evan's from college. Of his old girlfriend.
- Pretty much every time I make fried eggs, I break the yolk. It makes me sad.
- Having both toilets at the restaurant where I work be plugged at the same time.
- How much energy our dog has in the morning.

- Going on a little weekend getaway with Evan next week.
- Babysitting a darling last night with Evan.
- The Band Perry.
- When you see people do nice things for other people.
- The chocolate chip cookies I made the other day.
- Cheeseburger Soup. My mom taught me how to make it.

Have a good Thursday!
<3 Aub

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