Friday, March 25, 2011

It's Friday around here, so that means I can...
-sleep in tomorrow
- make a pancake breakfast
- cuddle all day with husband
- go grocery shopping while husband pushes the cart
- go for a lovely walk
- spend some time with a good book and a cup of coffee
- some other stuff with husband ;o)

I am looking forward to picking up our final wedding album today from our photographer, finally. We've only been married for oh... six and a half months. We've had such a positive experience with our photog, I can't help but feel blessed. She was available for a consultation and was so flexible with the images we wanted.

Good News! My brother and his wife just found out that their due date is November 2! This is their second child, and they couldn't be more excited! Annnd, I couldn't be more excited for them. Here are some pictures of their oldest daughter, Isabel...

Happy Friday!!

<3 Aub

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