Monday, March 21, 2011

Wedding Pt. 1

So I started this blog because it seemed like everybody else was doing it. Then I got interested in a ton of other blogs, so I just read them and neglected my own. But now I think I'm actually going to start using this as an outlet for my thoughts and stuff. Such a novel idea, I know. :)

I will start by sharing some things from our wedding day, some thoughts, tips and of course, some pictures.

So, my wedding day finally arrived, September 4th, by the way. I woke up at fiiiiiiiiiiiive A.M. which is insane, because I pretty much didn't know that five o'clock came twice a day. Anyways, I woke up at five, took a shower before anyone else woke up, and immediately started to feel sick. ha! I did some cleaning at what was going to be our new place, to get it all ready for "the big night." Then the girls went down to the local salon where our beautification took place. I only had my two sisters in the wedding, and Evan (husband) only had his two brothers as groomsmen. We're the simple type.
                                           This is my older sister, Maid of Honor, all ready.
                                                  My niece and I, flower girl #1.
                                                                 My beautiful mother.
                                                My brothers wife, Cass, my other bridesmaid.
                                                            Annnnnd me! The blushing bride.

After the salon we went home, saw some amazing family friends who just rolled into town for the weddin. Then we headed to the church.

                                                                   Me and my daddy.
                                            Mmmm, we definitely sealed our love with a kiss.
                             I was so tired! And we hadn't even taken pictures or started the reception yet!

There will be more wedding posts, but for now... Have a wonderful Monday.

<3 Aub

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